An Observers Perspective of Discipleship Training

This is a reblog of my first post published through RLM’s Church Training & Development website.  Does this mean I’m an officially published writer now?? 🙂

An Observers Perspective of Discipleship Training

Here’s an idea. Let’s take a group of 90 to 95 people from about 12 to 15 churches around the nation, put them all in groups of 10 to 12 in separate rooms along with a staff of three volunteers and we’ll just talk about some of our innermost hopes, dreams and fears over the next two days.

And so we do.

And it works. It has for years. In fact, there’s currently a waiting list of various church staff from across the U.S. awaiting the opportunity to come to this “conference”.


Because a lot of churches, be it their staff, their vision or their congregations, are stuck or gone sideways. Maybe they have lost their spark or sense of direction—often through no fault of their own—and are desperately searching for that elusive “thing” that will bring them back together as a cohesive unit. Hopefully reigniting the passion and commitment they had so long—or not so long—ago.

That “thing”, is called Immersion, and it is discipleship training unlike any other you’ve ever been to. I promise.

What makes it special?

Let’s start with the rotating cast of characters that staff these sessions. No less than about 60 people make these events possible; all overseen by an official church staff of eight to ten. That’s right; about 90% of the team that put on these Immersion events are volunteers: From facilitators to food prep to prayer warriors. I know, I’m one of them, having recently dipped my toes into the fast running rapids of volunteer ministry through both the Church Training & Development team and the Marketing & Communications team.

I was what you call an “observer”—yes, that’s an official title.  (Please click here to continue reading . . . )

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