Distraction 2 . . . (Spiritual) War is Hell

Seems my wife and I were having one of those days today.  So much so that when the family all got in the car to go out on some errands our prayer went something like this:

(And I want to preface this by saying that my wife and I have a pretty high tolerance for sarcasm and irony so, even though the questioning behind this prayer is genuine, the persistent drip from the faucet of lukewarm cynicism is purely a tension release.  No flaming comments on our lack of faith or piety, please.)

Cheryl: “Lord, we want to ask that you be with us today . . .”

Me: “Yeah, really . . . Is it that easy to lose You?”

Cheryl: “Yeah! I mean, we were in church yesterday and everything . . .”

Me: “And we read our devotionals this morning . . .”

Cheryl: “And spent some time in the Word.  Did someone pray for patience??”

Me: (*shudders*) “Not me! I know better than that!”

Cheryl: “Lord, I think we need some strength today . . .”

Me: (*shudders again*, eyes widening in shock) “Oh, no! Don’t do that either!”

Cheryl; “Oh yeah, you’re probably right.  Well then, what is it about today? Is the enemy just being super strong today or what?”

A 10-year-old voice from the back seat: “Wanna know what I think??”

Both of us: “NO!

Sure, it got a little more tolerable throughout the day, but never really dissipated.

What is it about those days, when everything starts off so seemingly well and then, for no foreseeable reason, about half way through you just wanna kill each other.  And the kids!  And the cat!!  And call it justifiable homicide!!!

Especially the cat!

You can’t tell me we’re not in the midst of spiritual warfare here on this whirling ball of water and dirt.  Heck, WE are the battlefields!  And, just like the social injustice du jour, it serves as nothing but a distraction.  The enemy laughs as, at the mere  glimmer of an errant thought or the whisper of a misconstrued comment, our spiritual compass is set spinning.

It’s so easy.

So the next time you or your significant other pipe off with something totally cutting and drenched with smartassery (my word of the day), so much so that you come to ask yourself, “Where’d that come from?”

If it’s not you . . .

And it’s not them . . .

. . . . guess who??

(insert Vincent Price’s evil laugh here . . . oh geez, now I’ve got “Thriller” stuck in my head!  See??!! War is hell!!)

3 thoughts on “Distraction 2 . . . (Spiritual) War is Hell”

  1. By the way . . . I think I’m going to call my first non-fiction book “The Persistent Drip From the Faucet of Lukewarm Cynicism” THERE’S a Christian Inspiration title for ya!! Yup, it’s been one of those days!

  2. I really LOVE this!!! Tonight my husband asked me 4 times if I wanted dinner and what I wanted for dinner. After the 4th time I answered him, (again!!!), I was smitten with a terminal case of “smartassery” (Man, I have to write that word down in my journal. It’s a keeper!) I accused him of having alzheimer’s. He was kind of hurt and then went upstairs and made me a terrific dinner, which gives you some idea of his spiritual maturity. I, on the other hand, am still in infancy. SO—right now I am going to mosey on over and see if he will accept a kiss and an apology.

    1. Well . . . maybe not a “terminal” case of smartassery (its even fun to type!), but it sure seems to knock you down a peg or two, doesn’t it?

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