Wow! Just, wow! I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on, this is an amazing, eye-opening post on politics today. Written by State Representative Rebecca Hamilton . . . i.e. someone who would know! Just an outstanding, refreshingly honest look at how our government system truly works.

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Your Vote = Their Power 

Politics is about power.

The two political parties are not political parties as we once knew them. They are consortiums of special interests. They operate on behalf of these interests for one purpose: to get and keep power. 

Everything else they say is a lie. 

The next time you feel like bowing down to your political party, remember this, and stand upright.

Don’t bend your knee to the R and the D. Register for whichever party, or as an independent, as you please. Vote according to your own understanding and conscience. I have no desire to influence you in that. But do not confuse your party’s trumpeting claims of moral superiority with actual moral superiority. Do not, ever, take the cross down off your mantelpiece and put the Republican elephant or the Democratic donkey in its place. 

Both parties actively encourage such idolatry. They do…

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  1. I didn’t find anything refreshing or even honest about this article. What I found were GROSS generalizations and a lot of all-or-nothing thinking. She makes the statement that political parties operate only to get and keep power and that “everything else they say is a lie.” Really?! So—EVERY member of a political party is a liar? Pretty heavy accusation. Oh, wait–maybe she just MEANT the leadership of political parties. So, therefore, EVERY leader in political parties is a liar. Hmmm…. that doesn’t sit right with me either. Nor do I think even the liars lie about “EVERYTHING”. I’m sure relieved to hear this woman is against hate-talk. She goes on to say that “party leaders don’t care about religion and they don’t respect religious leaders…” Not sure who is lumped into her category of “party leaders.” This is another all encompassing statement which indicates that she is qualified to read hearts and minds of vast numbers of people. Don’t get me wrong–we can all see the indicators of corruption in politics. However, I don’t buy her theory that all members OR all leaders in political parties are evil. She assures us that she has “seen” and she “knows.” I happen to know some things too. I know that Mitt Romney has spent thousands of hours serving others without pay, and many times anonymously, until someone ELSE has discovered his charitable actions and drawn attention to them. I know that he has used his wealth and his talents to bless the lives of MANY. I know that he loves God and Jesus Christ and has served them for over 40+ years. I know that in his leadership positions in his church (equivalent to a minister or pastor) he has diligently served his congregation, counseling, encouraging, working physically and mentally for long hours, in order to bless and strengthen the flock he was called to lead. He has done this for many years. By supporting him, I do not believe I am placing the “elephant” upon my “alter.”

    1. I understand your frustration Maryann, mostly because I believe you are one of woefully few who are a genuine supporter of Mr. Romney. I do believe though, that when it comes time for election, too many who will cast their vote for your candidate will not be voting for him as much as voting against his opponent. That is not a slam towards Mr. Romney. That, to me, is more the sad state of Republican politics.

      My own frustration with politics has come from a belief in exactly what Ms. Hamilton is saying. Although it may be a sweeping statement to say “all” politicians, or political leaders, too many under both parties can be swept under this accusation. I have heard too many Republican pundits say their sole goal in office is to get Obama out. I have seen too much venomous political rhetoric this political season to believe the platforms of either party. I have seen too many corporate leaders in the financial arena walk away scott free (or with fat bonuses) as our economy continues to collapse. I have seen your own candidate sidestep the issue of the “Obamacare mandate as tax” when he himself has called the mandate in his own state the very same thing. NOW its merely a penalty. Why? Because that is the party rhetoric. Why? Because he wants to get elected. Why? Because the Republicans currently do not have power.

      Please don’t misunderstand. I am not for or against either party. I have just as many issues with the Dems. But I do believe there is a lot more truth behind Ms. Hamiltons statements than mere bluster.

      1. Thanks for your reply—I, too, share your frustration with politics. I am grateful to remember who is really “in charge”. When it seems like I am completely helpless to change things for the better, I remember that God is still at the helm. I guess the best I can do is to trust in him and try to follow the example of Christ. I’m sorry if my previous post sounded sarcastic—sometimes I get carried away.

        1. Not at all. Sorry it took me awhile to respond to you. You didn’t sound sarcastic at all. You sounded like you cared, and when you care sometimes the passions show. 🙂 And yep, God’s still in charge. In fact, He said this type of thing would happen. This isn’t a surprise to Him, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to us. Sad, disheartening and frustrating maybe, but not a surprise. As one of my friends in a different blog reply has said, ” . . . people aren’t idiots. And if they care enough about a subject to have an opinion, then they usually have at least some rationality behind their thought process. If we could all acknowledge that in each other and search for the areas that we can agree and compromise on, we’d all be a lot better off (and a lot happier!).” There are SO many areas of life that that wisdom could apply to. Have a great week, Maryann! Miss you!

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