Count the Coincidences

Way to go Miss Jennie! You’ve come a long way, baby!

Becoming Jennie

As the year progresses on, I find myself overcome with the emotions that accompany great success, the great unknown, and a power greater than myself hard at work. If ever I have struggled with accepting that power as greater than myself – as I once did and hesitantly renamed it gravity – I now can count the coincidences in my life that have led to this moment to be sure that something much bigger and much more powerful than I could ever be is running this show. And thank goodness, because the pressure can be enormous and I’m simply not prepared for that kind of power anymore.

Not that I ever was… but… I certainly thought so.

In two days time I leave for Africa. I am flying to Namibia with my sister to meet with my father and take a vacation on the skeleton coast. It is called such…

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