The Lies of God, or Lies of the World?

I’ve been mulling around a couple different ideas for blog posts recently.  But I find myself feeling very Ecclesiastical today.

“Meaningless, meaningless . . . .”

What’s the point of trying to tell people how good, how awesome and worthy of discipleship is our God?  What’s the point of trying to tackle some of the points of contention that keep men separated from the love and grace of our Lord?  What’s the point of trying to convince a person that living the life of a Christ follower is the righteous path to what Paul speaks of in Galatians as the fruits of the spirit: when I’m not so convinced of that myself this morning?

You see, turning your life over to Christ doesn’t make things “easier”. It doesn’t make your problems, your addictions, your emotions, life, magically disappear; to be replaced by this small contented smile as your eyes lift ever-so-slightly to heaven, your hands clasp gently together in reverent prayer over your heart and the slightest trace of a glowing halo appears around your brow.

Sorry, it doesn’t happen.

Addictions are still maddening. Children still die. Marriages still fall apart. Unintended pregnancies still happen. Cancer and disease still run rampant. And all of these still have the audacity to appear in the lives of Christians after they cross the line of faith.

How dare they!!

Yet the thing I take offense to the most isn’t that “life happens”; its that Christians will take these events as signs that they’re not “good enough” or “doing it right” or “If I just had a little more faith . . .”, “. . . prayed more . . .”, “believed with more sincerity . . .”; its that the world will look in on these events and, with self-righteous smugness and raised eyebrow, go, “See!!?? There is no God! Why would a good and all-powerful God let THAT happen??”; its that good and faithful people, who, until this point, lived a life of surrender, authenticity and hope . . .

. . . will believe the lies.

. . . and walk away.


What is the right way? What would a “good and all-powerful God” do anyway?  What is it these people need?

Do they need folks around them that revel in beating doubt into their lives?; that shower them with insecurity in all they once held firm?; that cover them in “told ya so’s” and “deserved it’s” and “what were they thinking’s”?

Do they need people that surround them in unconditional love?; that comfort them in non-judgmental sacrifice?; that speak reassurance and understanding into their lives and situations?

If it was up to the world, what do you think would happen?

If there was a God, what do you think He would want you to say?

. . . . go with that.

3 thoughts on “The Lies of God, or Lies of the World?”

  1. Since some of the greatest Prophets in the bible suffered huge trials and even the Son of God experienced immeasurable pain of body and spirit, who am I to think I should somehow escape pain, disappointment and heartache? I am here on this earth to have the rough edges knocked off–I just hope I can have the courage and faith to make righteous choices in the midst of it all. Maybe every time we hurt, we need to visit the Garden of Gethsemane in our minds and let our pain be a trigger to remember what Jesus suffered for us.

    1. Thank you, Walter. My wife says I need to write an “up” post next ‘cuz my last several have been too dark and introspective. 🙂

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