A New Page {Getting By With a Little Help From Your Friends}

I’ve got a new page on Spiritual Drift.  This is a page dedicated to anyone wanting or needing prayer for the current circumstances in their lives AND/OR a place to come and be a prayer warrior for someone else. {Special thanks to Susie @ SPTP2011 for the initial idea!}

We all know there are times in life when you need blessing just as there are times in life you’ve been abundantly blessed.  Here’s your chance to ask.  Here’s your chance to pass it on.

Share only as much as you’re comfortable with.  Or, just say, “Hey, I need some prayers!”

After all, isn’t that what we’re here for?

What good is being a Christ follower if we don’t actually follow Christ??

If you’re in need, ask.

If you’re in abundance, give. {Even a simple “praying” will do . . . as long as you actually do it 🙂 }

Please, take a moment to lighten your burden.  Take a moment to help those in need!

Here’s the link: Prayer Requests

3 thoughts on “A New Page {Getting By With a Little Help From Your Friends}”

  1. I don’t like this idea – I LOVE it !! Praying hearts will be changed and people will be blessed as they pray for each other !! Peace be with you my friend .

    1. Thank you, Brandi! Had me worried there for a second, ha ha! When Susie from SPTP2011 first posted this idea, it just struck me as, “well, duh! That’s simple.” And, like I said in my post . . . isn’t this kinda what we’re here for anyway?? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. If anyone believes in the power of prayer, Brother, you know I do. Put me down as one of your Prayer Warriors. I’d love to return some of the blessings He has been giving me of late. May His grace continue to guide you…

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