Outside Influences {A Blogger’s Roll Call}

My muse is apparently sleeping this week.  Good thing I’ve got a lot of great blogging friends to keep me company until my own creative juices start flowing again.  Below are just a few of these outstanding writers and some of my favorite blogs and/or topics from their own sites.  Enjoy!

Where Living Begins // Subtle Opposition : Where Living Begins from Richard Rice, a pastor out of beautiful Portland Oregon.  Great, straightforward nuggets of encouragement and enlightenment.  He keeps his posts fairly short and to-the-point, perfect as an addition to your morning devotion time.

Of Dust and Kings // How To Have An Affair : One of my favorite, most thought-provoking blogs I follow. The amount of knowledge and research T.E. Hanna does for one of his posts puts an entire month of my humble ramblings to shame.  This is the type of blog site that many within the Christian blogging community strive to emulate. In “How To Have An Affair” he shows a little more of his humorous side while still driving home his point with with wit and the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

Chief of the Least //  Jesus was Deranged, Deceptive, Or The Divine Son : Another of my favorite blog sites.  Engaging, thoughtful and deeply devoted to engaging conversations in truth no matter how pointed the opposition. Writer Bryan Daniels has a keen sense of insight into what you swore were obvious Biblical truths.  I’ve had several “Ah ha!” moments so far, and I’ve only been following him for about a month.

Becoming Jennie // SurvivingRape.Org . . . She’s Alive! : I’ve followed Jennie Ketcham for a few years now.  She was a girl I first got to “know” as Penny Flame during my porn addiction days (daze).  I followed her into her recovery program with Dr. Drew during “Celebrity Rehab” and admired her determination and drive to move beyond her porn/celebrity status, and its inherent drug and alcohol abuse, into “Becoming Jennie”.  So much so in fact that she was a key catalyst into moving beyond my own addiction.  I’ve been following her progress and renewed life ever since.  SurvivingRape.org is the latest step in her recovery and the first of what I’m sure will be many efforts to reach out to others coming from a past of addiction and abuse.

Finding Truth // Purpose : I first came across Finding Truth through one of Chief’s “Share the Linkage” posts in which Bryan wrote, “Nate’s blog is about his personal journey out of Christianity and into skepticism. He has an engaging style and is open to thoughtful discussion with people from all differing viewpoints.”  Nate raises some fascinating questions that would provide more than a few hours of lively debate during your next small group gathering.

. . . and to any of my blogging friends I may have missed: I’m sure I’ll have writer’s block again fairly soon so I’ll be posting some other of my favorites from time to time.  I know for a fact that this is one sure-fire way to expand our horizons, both in the blogosphere and in spirituality.  Thank you all for helping me grow in my own journey.  Love and Blessings to all of you! Have a great day and I’ll be back on Friday!

4 thoughts on “Outside Influences {A Blogger’s Roll Call}”

    1. Thank you, Nate. I did a little more poking around in yours as well and, as I said in a recent reply, I thoroughly enjoy reading posts that make me think; that make me do my homework, research and study. I’ve gotten something out of everything I’ve read of yours. Cheers!

    1. Glad to do it and I always enjoy stopping by your posts as well! I plan on having a very reflective weekend and a fresh start to the new week. Have a great weekend yourself and I appreciate you stopping by!

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