Though a Parent May Pass . . . {with sincere thanks to JaneEmily}

I came across a wonderful, heartfelt post from JaneEmily on the recent death of her mother.  Within the post she tells of finding a note her mother had written to herself in one of her Bibles.  It was a confession of sorts–the best kind; sincere, honest and vulnerable, written for an audience of One.  JaneEmily felt the note worthy of sharing; to give hope, solace and encouragement to those who may suffer in temptation, addiction, sadness or depression.  As her mother did.  As you and I do.  JaneEmily wrote:

“As some of you may know, my mom suffered from depression many times throughout her life. I want to share this part of her life with you because I think it is important for anyone else who also goes through seasons of sadness to hear. I want to read something else we found written in one of her Bibles about depression. May it touch you and challenge you in whatever it is that tempts you in this life. She writes, “My greatest temptation is to become depressed. When I become depressed, it is because I focus on my pain – my disappointment – my fear. In other words, I become self-absorbed rather than God absorbed. If my focus is on God where it should be, depression loses its power to control me.”

What if you were to take that note and apply it to your own life?

My greatest temptation is to ____________________.  When I __________________ it is because I focus on my __________, my ________________, and my ______________.  In other words, I become self-absorbed rather than God-absorbedIf my focus is on God where it should be, _______________ loses its power to control me.

Thank you JaneEmily for sharing your mother’s life and story with us.  She was wise and insightful beyond her years.  And, though God took her home too soon, she is truly home indeed and you can rejoice, as the angels do, in knowing that you too will see her again one day.

I cannot end this post any better than JaneEmily did in the warm, sincere eulogy to her mother in “A Life Remembered”:

 “I share all these things with all of you because I want you to know the amazing woman I had the honor to call mother for 32 years. I also want to remind you that you have NO IDEA what tomorrow will bring. Show your love to those in your life. Are you not speaking to someone? Make it right before it’s too late. The argument won’t matter to you anymore once that person is no longer around. Make every moment count. Life is too short and much too fragile. Love so much that it hurts. Love with fierceness.”

12 thoughts on “Though a Parent May Pass . . . {with sincere thanks to JaneEmily}”

    1. Thank you JaneEmily! That was the whole reason for posting. There’s a wisdom there and a relevancy for all of us. “Legacy” is the perfect word. Thank YOU for sharing her life and love!

      1. I was utterly and completely spiritually DEAD before my mom passed from this life to the next. I have been quiet about my beliefs for a long time. Not ashamed. Just spiritually dead. My mom’s death brought that belief back to life inside of me. I want to talk about Him. I don’t want to post things that don’t matter anymore. I think of how Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ” so I find myself thinking, “What would Mom do in this situation?” Something has been stirred inside my heart though. I remember wondering if I would always feel spiritually dead the way I did. I just couldn’t make myself feel anything about God anymore. It’s back now though. I am listening to mostly Christian music. Some music that’s just positive or beautiful, not necessarily Christian. Feeding the mind with good things, God things, is such a help. She gave me a devotional book for Christmas that I never even cracked until after she passed. I’m now reading that too. Through my mom’s death, I am reborn.

        1. . . . and your mom smiles! Your mom is with the Lord now. And through her passing, she has brought you closer to Him as well, and you will see her again one day. AND, through your writing, and hers, you and she will continue to reap the harvest. Hmmm, I know it doesn’t help the hurt right now, but maybe we’re beginning to answer the “why” . . . 🙂

    1. Glad it resonated with you. If you haven’t already, JaneEmily has several good posts over the past couple weeks on dealing with the passing of her mother. Very good writer.

  1. JaneEmily is my sister…thank you for helping us continue to honor the wonderful, Godly legacy our mother left for us to follow. She led a quiet but powerful life that has inspired me and so many others and continues to inspire and challenge even while she is with her beloved Savior and free from the worries and pains of this world.

    1. You’re most welcome. As I told JaneEmily, there is a wisdom and relevancy there for ALL of us. Some of the most influential teachers have led a “quiet but powerful life”, and it sounds like your mom was that kind of teacher for you both . . . now for all of us. Thanks for letting me share her, if just for a moment.

    1. All thanks to JaneEmily and her mom! The cool thing about this “treasure” is that we too get to leave it behind for our own children.

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