Chosen in the Lord: When ‘Bad Luck’ Becomes Beautiful

Reblogged from my blogosphere friend T.E. Hanna . . .

I thought this post was rather insightful. An interesting thought on this, our Good Friday. Today, He died. I, for one, am thankful that is not the end of the story.

6 thoughts on “Chosen in the Lord: When ‘Bad Luck’ Becomes Beautiful”

    1. You’re welcome, sir! I’m a new fan to your work and have enjoyed everything I’ve read. I don’t want to overstep my bounds by reblogging others hard fought writings, but sometimes you just gotta say, “I couldn’t have said that better myself.” And your “Bad Luck” post was especially apropos this weekend. Plus, I’m easily susceptible when you start including the perspective of children into the mix. BTW, I may repost your “How to have an affair” at some time as well, that one I thought was brilliant!

      1. You are free to quote or reblog anything of mine you wish. I prefer that you link to me if you do so, but it isn’t necessary. If it blesses you, use it. 🙂

        1. Thanks again. Of Dust And Kings is listed on my “friends” blogroll. I’ve enjoyed your posts and, from what I’ve read, you and I have similar purposes. (and sense of humor from what I can tell 🙂 ) I’ve been amazed at the quality of writing (and people) I’ve run across in my short time in the blogosphere. One has a tendency to get hung up in the “am I the only one that feels this way?” mindset, and its comforting to know that we’re NOT alone, and LOTS of people are going through the same things. Again, thanks!

  1. I, too, am so grateful his death is not the end of the story. Today is Easter—He is risen!!! Christ kept every promise he made—to mark the path and show us the way, to atone for our sins, and to break the bands of death for all of us. Can’t wait to get a new body—this one is getting a little snap-crackle-and-pop.

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