Aahhh, All Better Now

Well, it seems the writer’s block has passed.

Apparently I was trying to make a character into something he was not supposed to be.  The more I pressed him in that direction, the harder it got to write “around” him, bringing the character and the whole story alive.  The minute I stopped, took him back to how he was originally, what he was meant to be, the direction he was supposed to go, the log jam cleared and I went off and wrote as much in two days as I had in the previous two weeks.

Don’t you wish you could do that in your own life?

Imagine the implications if we could apply this solution to our own stories . . . to our own lives.  What if we could stop attempting to make, or have others make us, into something we are not inherently meant to be?  Simply because we feel obligated by outside circumstances to be that way.  (society, our jobs, our friends, our churches, our world)

I mean really, we’re all given talents, abilities, what people of faith would call “gifts”.  Are you using yours?  On a day-to-day basis?  Within all facets of your life?  Or do you shove “what you love to do” aside while “life happens” hoping that you’ll one day be able to get to it “when you have more time”?

Yeah, me too.  In fact I spent ten years doing it.  (I could say longer, but there have been times I believe I was doing the right thing but for the wrong reasons . . . which is a whoooollle ‘nuther post altogether.)

But I did get to thinking that the unclogging of my writer’s block, in many ways, imitates life.  (At least, me own.)  How much easier does it get when we finally realize our “purpose”, our “thing”, our “gift”, and have the ability, time and intestinal fortitude to actually DO IT!  I’m not talking about all facets of life getting all peachy keen and brand-new-asphalt smooth.  After all, Cheryl and I currently have NO income . . . currently living off what meager savings we have . . . yet there is a peace and joy about our current situation that I have NEVER felt before in my life.  That peace translates to a certain calm, I don’t know . . . readiness, to take on whatever bad times may lie ahead.

Moreover, my son and I actually were able to help, along with several people in our home group, to move a family yesterday.  Why? ‘Cuz we had TIME!  It’s the one thing we do have at the moment. In abundance.  Plus, it was the right thing to do.  It felt right.  It felt good.  Yeah, moving.  Furniture. Felt good!  It was a teachable moment for my son on what an Acts Two church actually looks like.

I love my circumstances at the moment . . . probably because I’m so out of my own control.  I’m free to do the things I am built for, the things that, when completed, I look forward to the next thing.

When was the last time you’ve done that??

Yes, the writer’s block has lifted.  The log jam has cleared.

In many, many ways.

Hmmmmmm . . . if this post made you think–made you wonder the inevitable (and highly dangerous) “what if” . . .I recommend Francis Chan’s book “Crazy Love”. Richard Stearns’ “Hole In the Gospel” and the story of the first followers of Christ in Acts Chapter 2.

THEN wonder “what if” . . .

2 thoughts on “Aahhh, All Better Now”

  1. Fantastic, Brother! So glad that the log-jam has been cleared. I know a little about being out of your own control at the moment. It’s a scary thing, but at the same time, very liberating. I pray that everyone that has a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior will simply step back and let Him have the reigns. Blessings to you and Cheryl…

    1. Letting go and giving God the reigns is the most scary, unnatural feeling a person can have. It goes against the very fiber of common sense and “world” sense. It’s also incredibly freeing. A pastor of ours, many years ago, when faced with a challenge used to say, “not my problem, God’s problem . . . let’s pray about it and see what happens.” See! Unnatural. And, freeing!

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