. . . And Another Day Goes By (aka, Writer’s Block)

Isn’t it just like fate! Make a promise, put it on paper, put it out into cyberspace, and BAM! now you gotta deliver.

Such is my plight now that I’ve said I’m going to finish my manuscript by the end of this month.  NOW I have writer’s block!


I know what I want the characters to do.  I know the direction I want the story to go.  I know how I want the drama to unfold.  I know all of that!  Still, I sit down at the computer, put hands to keyboard and . . . .


Suddenly I’m overly interested in the latest episode of “Olivia” my daughter is watching in the next room.  It becomes really vital that I check up on my Facebook account.  And Twitter.  And Hotmail.  The lunch I had just wasn’t quite enough and those BBQ chips are calling, taunting.

“Your cholesterol is just fine”, they say, “don’t worry about your sodium intake. We’re sssooooooo good!!”

VH1 Classic isn’t helping either, what with the Pink Floyd specials and the latest showing of “Rush: Time Machine”.  It’s not fair! (In all honesty though, Rush is really good!)

And of course Angry Birds Space just came out, so . . . .

It probably doesn’t help either that the kids are home this week on spring break.  Not that I don’t love having my kids around, but when you’re trying to concentrate, really concentrate, only to be interrupted by this sweet little six-year-old voice saying, “Daddy, I’m hungey. It’s time fo’ dinner.”  Hourly!  After you’ve fed her breakfast, then juice, then an apple, then lunch, then popcorn, then a Popsicle, then more juice, then noodles, then chips, then dinner . . . .

And the kid’s still skinny!!! (I hate juvenile metabolism!!)

Oh well, on the bright side, I wouldn’t trade this for the world!  I’ve rediscovered the joys of family, the value of relationship, and the need for discipline when it comes to “working from home.”  I truly can’t complain . . . even though I’ve still got writer’s block.  And a severe lack of discipline at the moment, apparently.

This too shall pass.  See? I wrote this didn’t I?  It wasn’t very good but I wrote it.

And, you read it, so there!

It’s just a little thing I like to call . . . Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “. . . And Another Day Goes By (aka, Writer’s Block)”

  1. I LOVE your sense of humor—hope we get some of it in your book! Sometimes you just have to grab the bag of BBQ chips and surrender to Pink Floyd. I so enjoy hearing your expressions of joy being with your kids—you will never have to look back and say you didn’t savor the moments with them. By the time you read this your writer’s block will probably have passed. Thank heavens it is never permanent and the very best writers experience it.

    1. Thank you, Maryann. It seems every once in awhile I need these kinds of posts. It’s cathartic. It reminds me that, if I write from the heart, it’s easier, it flows and it’s more enjoyable . . . for me as well as the reader. Glad you enjoyed it. Now I gotta get to the store. I’m out of chips!

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