Life (part two) So Far . . . an Update

I must apologize for the inconsistency in my writing lately; both in frequency and content.  My focus for the last several weeks has been on a couple different projects, one of which is a fiction manuscript called “ReFoRMation”: a work in progress, ten+ years in the making.  This book is one that was originally written over ten years ago and then placed on the shelf of forgotten dreams while I pursued what I thought at the time was the responsibility of a “real job”.

It actually took stepping away from what most would consider a responsible life to realize that the word “responsibility” has many different, shifting meanings.

Responsible to what?

Responsible to whom?

It only took me ten years to realize the grind of what I was doing under the guise of responsibility was actually destroying the very thing(s) I was supposedly working for, working towards: my family, my relationships, my sanity, my true purpose, and the “gifts” I have been blessed with.

I have a passion to improve the world around me for the good and future well-being of my daughter, born with Down syndrome.  I also have a passion to write.

Since stepping away from the “real job”, I’ve dedicated my time to writing a mission and vision statement for our non-profit organization, Ds Connections Nw, which will be the basis and foundation for mapping out the course and future of this organization’s potential, its opportunities and its success.

But no pressure.

And, I’ve pulled down that old copy of “ReFoRMation” from the shelf of forgotten dreams, dusted it off and begun giving it a little spit-shine and polish.  I’ve realized it’s a pretty sound story, with a few minor adjustments to characters and plot twists.  I’ve also come to realize that the potential roads to travel, with every addition to the story, unfold a myriad of possibilities for adventure, prospective and even more new roads.

Kind of like life.

The mission and vision statements are now finished; sent off to our board of directors for final approval before implementation.

The “tweaks” to ReFoRMation are settling down and the story is beginning to unfold in all its glory.  My goal is to have a completed manuscript by the end of this month.

Then . . . ?

New adventures, new prospects and even more roads!

I already have three (soon to be four, thanks Bob!) new story lines in outline form to pursue in my writing.

Every day new grant possibilities and new resources become available to pursue for our non-profit.

My children and I both have rediscovered a relationship, a closeness, that I didn’t even know was missing, let alone possible.

I believe my wife and I are one of the few couples in the world who actually enjoy working with one another.

I have a renewed relationship with my God, and have fallen into a home group of fellow faith travelers (our little band of misfits!) that I never would have discovered otherwise.

I have a new appreciation for the value of friendship.

And all this enlightenment, depending on your perspective, only took two months (since the beginning of my un/employment) . . .

or ten years (since the beginning of my first writing project) . . .

or  forty-nine years (since the beginning of . . . well, me).

Who knew??

Talk to me, even if you disagree! I'd love to hear your comments!

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