I “met” Jennie a little over a year ago watching a repeat of Celebrity Rehab on VH1. To me, she is a source of inspiration, strength and courage in her fight to live a “normal” life away from addiction and notoriety. Her story and strength have helped me overcome my own addiction(s) and I hope she continues to be an inspiration and role model to young women and people in general for years to come.

Becoming Jennie

I seem to have a nasty little habit of self-neglect. This is something that has become glaringly obvious in the past few weeks, as I’ve renewed my commitment to sobriety. Emotional, substance, mental, behavioral, the whole lot of compulsive and addictive behaviors are packed neatly into a treasure chest of addiction, no more to be separated and looked at individually as if one where somehow different or better or less worse than the other. They are stored, shelved, not in plain sight but not hidden away, and the things that remain are my thoughts, my mind, and my tendency to refuse that which will make me better.

My wrist is still sprained from when I got door-checked on my bike last May. A sprain that could have taken less than two months to heal has now controlled my life for ten months. I can’t do a proper downward dog or…

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