I watched a little girl, no more than four or five years old, come running out of the bathroom at a Ross store today going “Daddy! DADDY!” all innocence and excitement as she ran up and latched herself onto the man’s leg with a bear hug of adoration.  Her father meanwhile, was on his cell phone talking business and doing jerky little half-pirouettes as he constantly tried to turn away from the child so he could concentrate on his call.  He finally had to turn around and give her the steamed Dad glare, and I thought, “Someday, dad.  Someday she is gonna stop.  Someday she’s not gonna do that anymore . . .

. . .and you’re gonna have the audacity to wonder why?”

One thought on “Innocence”

  1. Yep. Yep. Yep and AMEN.
    Babies need their papa’s and mom’s .
    Where have I heard recently we should Love our children and constantly be teaching and modeling Christ for them?
    must’ve been a rabbit trail….. 😉

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