A Simple Yes or No

I was going over a conversation that I had with our home group the other day. I had been saying how it seemed to me that time at my current job was coming to an end and I was being asked (shoved, really) to move on. Move on to what, I wasn’t sure, but it just felt strongly that I was “done” in my current position.

“Maybe it’s time to quit,” came the general consensus of the group.

“Quit to what is my problem,” I answered, “I have no prospects, not even any leads.”

“But if you’re being called away from your current position,” they reasoned, “then God’s asking you for a reason. He may not even reveal the reason or direction until you take that first step of faith. And then, even if you’re reading it wrong, He’ll take care of you anyway. That’s his promise to you.”

I thought about that for a moment and gave what I thought at the time was my honest reply.

“I don’t know if I have that much faith.”

I was thinking about that conversation on the way to work yesterday, when a thought hit me. A thought that seemed so simple, yet so profound, that I felt compelled to write it down. Here was the thought that came to me, verbatim:

Faith—you either have it, or you don’t!
It’s not a question of degree.
You either believe that I will walk with you through this, or you don’t.
You either believe that I will work this out for what’s best for both of us, or you don’t. There’s no degree…no sliding scale…no averages.
It’s a yes, or no.
You either have faith, or you don’t.
You either have hope, or you don’t.
You either believe . . .
or you don’t.

Hmmmm . . .

I’m beginning to have certain doubts in my belief that God no longer speaks to his followers.

And, my answer?

“Okay God, let’s dance.”

5 thoughts on “A Simple Yes or No”

    1. Thank you, Bob. It’s gonna be an interesting ride. I’m glad we are a part of such an awesome homegroup, and friends like you and Brandi! Love you guys!

  1. This is a great time in your life! I am loving to see the changes each time we see you and Cheryl as to what the Lord has done in your lives! Taking that step of Faith is hard at first, but once God reveals Himself to you through this, you’ll be changed forever! The overwhelming peace that I now see in you, as opposed to when you first spoke of it, is amazing and AWESOME!

    Keep in the Word and walking in your Faith and the Lord shall bless you and your family many times over! God’s blessings to you both!!!

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