Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve asked for help only to be dropped squarely into the middle of circumstances that were just the opposite of what you’d asked for? Prayed for relief in times of trouble only to have more and more piled on? Found yourself in surroundings where all you could do was look up and go, “Really??!!”

Yeah? Me too.

That’s why it’s always good to keep a little perspective. Especially when one is treading the razor’s edge between one’s elusive faith and God’s enigmatic timing. Not only that; one of the biggest obstacles I’ve personally had to overcome in my walk with God is the notion that, while the stories of the Bible contain some good philosophical idealism and positive overall “life lessons”, on a day-to-day basis the Bible just never felt that relevant to my everyday life. Especially when face-to-face with an annoying “obstacle” and thinking, “okay, what does the Bible say about this!!?”

Then something occurred to me.

And then again; and again; and . . .

What I was being met with lay in what was not told within the pages of those stories. Not some secret hidden knowledge that I’ve just discovered, sad to say, but elements of the stories that are clearly there but not often thought about, recognized, or deemed significant to most scholarly theologians. Though, to my current little insignificant walk with God, they were glaring billboards of relevancy. Especially since I’ve found myself looking up a lot lately and going, “Really??!!”

For instance . . .

Did you know that David—at the time, Israel’s future king and a man after God’s own heart—spent over ten years of his life on the run in the desert plains and hiding in caves, acting totally out-of-his-mind insane at times because he was being pursued by Israel’s current king, Saul, who was hellbent on seeing him dead? Ever think that he, God’s “chosen” one, might have looked up on occasion and went, “Really??!!”

Did you know that Mary and Joseph were commanded by the Roman Empire to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem (a distance of between 80 and 90 miles) to take part in a national census, at a time when Mary was at her full term of pregnancy? Then, when they finally arrived, there wasn’t even a room or bed for them and they ended up sleeping (and giving birth) in, most likely, a cave? This child was the son of God, remember, and Mary was deemed by the heavenly host as “most favored”. Ever think she might have looked up at some point during that whole ordeal and went, “Really??!!” (Or something even more colorful what with the raging hormones and all.)

Even Jesus, on the night of his betrayal, and the eve of his crucifixion, went off by himself to pray “Father, if there be any other way, please take this cup from me.” In other words, “Really??!!”

So don’t feel alone when you’re in over your head, the odds are stacked against you and you pray for some kind of intervention and . . .

. . . nothing happens.

Go ahead, look up, shrug your shoulders, lift your hands and say, “Really??!!”

“Yeah, really,” God will say, “but it’ll be okay . . . really . . . I got your back.”

And he will.

The result may not look at all like how you would have envisioned it. (Hint: it usually doesn’t) But it will always work out for His will.

And what’s best is always His will.


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