Just 20 Seconds (borrowed from Randy Bohlender)

I ran across this post from Randy Bohlender this morning and I thought it was excellent.  I thought about trying to rewrite it into my own words but, hey, you can’t improve on perfection.  If you like it too, he’s worth a follow at http://randybohlender.com/

Thanks Randy . . .


It’s rare that a movie catches my eye, and even more unusual when I actually watch so much as a trailer, but I did a few days ago and one line has stuck in my mind.  This is no endorsement of the film – it looked cute and harmless, but so can I if I need to.

There is a scene in We Bought a Zoo where Matt Damon’s character says:

“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

It made me think.  At any given moment, we’re probably only twenty seconds from greatness.

Twenty seconds to say the brave thing no one wants to say.

Twenty seconds to commit to doing the scary thing we’ve been putting off.

Twenty seconds that charts the course of a lifetime.

Jumping off a cliff just takes a moment – once the decision is made, gravity kicks in. You don’t need to be brave every moment for the rest of your life – just long enough to commit yourself.

Get your twenty seconds of bravery in early this morning.  Something great will come of it.

2 thoughts on “Just 20 Seconds (borrowed from Randy Bohlender)”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Ghostbumps, Kent! Love your blog, and look forward to meaningful banter back and forth…all with our eyes on God :D. May He continue to bless you for your faithfulness…

    1. Thanks Guy. I was struck with the thought while reading some of your posts that, “I can relate to this guy!” Sounds like we’re at very similar distances on our paths. I can’t begin to comprehend the stresses of police work and how you’re able to maintain an abiding faith within such a job (it’s hard enough, at times,remembering I’m a Christian while working the wild jungles of retail). . . I’m supposed to love these people, I’m supposed to love these people, I’m supposed to . . . . ) More power to you and I look forward to the pleasure of more reading . . . and the banter, too!!

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