Break Time/Winds of Change

My blogging is going to be rather inconsistent for the next couple of months, through to the new year.  I’m currently working on a project with my wife for the non-profit organization Ds Connections Nw that will be taking up the majority of my “free” time until the first part of December. Then its Christmas time and, being as how I work in the wild jungles of retail, I’ll be a little occupied with my job until January.

I’ll be making random posts and updates via Twitter, Facebook and the occasional blog post here, but nothing terribly consistent.

This is a very important “next step” for me, one that I’ve been considering and talking about with my wife for some time now. I feel I’ve finally discovered my “spiritual gift” . . . and surprise, surprise, it’s writing.  I may not be a C.S. Lewis or Hemingway, but writing is where my passion is; it’s where I find my greatest sense of completion and satisfaction.

Ds Connections Nw will be applying for a significant grant to take our operation to the next level in presentation, resources and outreach and, of course, I’m the one that’s writing the grant proposal. Your prayers and well wishes are appreciated as we undertake this endeavor.

Thank you all for the ride so far and we’ll see you soon.

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