The World Reacts to a Blessed Announcement

So, the Duggar family, of “19 Kids and Counting” fame, have just announced the imminent arrival of the twentieth child to their family.

Twenty, TWENTY, kids!

My wife and I have our hands full with just our two, but let’s see what people of the world are saying about the recent announcement of this blessed occasion . . .

-Seven BILLION people in the world and this creature keeps pumping them out for publicity?? DISGUSTING.

-Totally irresponsible people. And the press keeps on giving these stupid people more coverage. Very selfish. She had problems with the last one, maybe if she dies, he can find another woman and just keep on over populating.

-Seriously? You are selfish. You are greedy. This isn’t about kids, it’s about raking in the money. I hope your show fails, your book fails and you have to get a REAL job making ends meet like, we regular folk, have to.

-These people are disgusting. They should have to pay full medical costs (no insurance) and triple the tax bill. 7 billion and counting….. Who watches these selfish, backwoods freaks? I’m sure they are Republican. No doubt about it.

-He looks like Chester the Molestor (sic)……..God his thing must reak (sic)…..seriously, not to mention what hers must smell like……I’ll never eat salmon again.

That last one from a writer named “I Am An Idiot” who’s profile pic is of some guy (presumably the writer) with his hand down a toilet filled with brown, lumpy . . . oh, you get it . . .

People!!?? Really??!!

This is one of the most blatant examples, in my opinion, of who or what is actually running this world we live in. People ask all the time, “Why does God allow famine? Or murder? Or _______? (fill in your tragedy of choice) Two reasons that I can see:

One, the obvious, well-worn answer; because if God interceded in all “bad” things, what would be the need for free will, and . . .

Two, is in the examples given above: Even if obvious “miracles” did take place, and could be directly attributed to God, what would the reaction honestly be?

Just ask Christ for the answer to that one. Miracles, proclaimations, teachings, yet the people still riddled false accusations at Him and placed Him on a cross.

For heaven’s sake, the woman is having a baby; one of the most obvious miracles any human being can ever witness. In fact, this family is what I would deem the living embodiment of the word “miracle”:

  • Michelle has given birth to nineteen happy, healthy children. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, their last daughter Josie was born at 26 weeks and there were, and may continue to be, complications from that.
  • Every one of the children, from all accounts of media, blog and other sources, seem happy, intelligent, responsible and boringly normal.
  • The family is debt free. In other words, no one—the government, society, or anyone—is “paying” for these kids OTHER than the family themselves. They even built a 7000 sq. ft. house DEBT FREE.
  • Just watching Jim Bob and Michelle in interviews and on their show, you can tell that they still honestly love and adore one another, AND each and every one of their kids.

People hypocritically point their fingers at this family and say, “Look what this family is doing to the world!” Yet given the plethora of scathing commentary that this announcement garnered, I would have to point back and say, “Look at the world this family is being asked to live in.”

If they’re doing anything for this world through raising twenty (or more, heck they may not be done yet) healthy, happy, responsible children using only their own finances and resources while maintaining a kind of loving relationship of their own, and being willing to share their knowledge and experiences with others . . . more power to them!! AND, may God continue to bless them!

Maybe we should look at it as, if you’re doing something wrong by the world’s standards, you might just be doing it right.  It’s sad that simple happiness can’t prevail.

What, or who, is the real issue here?

One thought on “The World Reacts to a Blessed Announcement”

  1. I think the Duggar family are absolutely amazing. They just have a light about them that is so apparent to me. If Michelle had been around when I was raising my children I believe I would have been a better parent. I am so impressed with the way they teach their children and the opportunities they give them to SERVE each other and people outside of their family. The parents obviously love their children and the family shares so much joy. I am sure they have their share of challenges, but they clearly feel it’s worth it. It seems to me that society should be grateful to them for contributing 20 morally strong, happy, unselfish individuals who will undoubtedly make this world a better place. Instead of criticizing them, we could benefit from using them as role models for guiding, loving and teaching our children.

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