The Immoral High Ground

Okay, let’s be honest here; I like women. (And in the interest of full disclosure, I happen to be married to one of the best, hi honey!) And, to be even more transparent, I have struggled—and as with any addiction, continue to struggle—with, let’s say, a susceptibility towards some of the more adult aspects of sex and female beauty . . . especially the online variety.

So, this being a warm summer and all, when an attractive woman goes by in shorts and tank-top . . . I will tend to notice. And on this particular day, and with this particular young woman, it was no different—except maybe the shorts were a little higher and the legs a little slimmer. Until I did a double-take and realized this particular young woman was, well . . . young! Possibly, if she were lucky, she may have been in her early teens.

My first thought was . . . well actually, my first thought was to wash my mind out with soap, but my second thought was, “Holy Buckets! This is so wrong on so many levels!”

First and foremost, it hammers home the fact that I objectify women: Duly noted.

Second, that women today, young and old, find it okay for whatever their reasoning to wear shorts so short that actual butt cheek peeks through when they stand with their hip ever-so-slightly cocked to one side; thereby, in my humble opinion, openly subjecting themselves to objectivity. (Go ahead; argue with me on THAT one!)

And lastly that a PARENT would be okay with their child—yes child in this case—going out of the house wearing that kind of attire. Yet, not a couple minutes after I “noticed” this young woman, here she came by once again with several siblings and . . . mom.


Don’t get me wrong. I don’t in any way consider myself “prude”. Conservative, possibly. Boring, perhaps. But I also think if a woman, a woman, wears attire that accentuates certain aspects of her figure or highlights certain parts of her body, if for no other reason than she can; I have no problem with that. Argue semantics if you will (i.e. who “can” wear what), but you’ll find no objection from me. Heck, the Kardashians make a career of it! But how do you tell a person; a child; another parent, that, “you’re not helping.”

Well, I guess that’s why I’m here . . .

To you, young woman: You’re not helping. You’re not helping yourself, your self-esteem or your self-confidence. You may THINK you are—it may even seem like a power-trip or head-rush to you; eliciting the type of reaction I’m sure you’ve garnered. But the outward appearance you’ve made for yourself is not the type of crutch you’re envisioning it to be. Once you grow out of this phase of childlike face on budding, womanly body you’ll realize that those glances, looks and/or out-and-out stares are neither complimentary nor approving—that’s called “lust”.

To you Ms. Parent: You’re not helping. You’re not helping your daughter’s self-image, her confidence or her mind-set on what a woman truly is or is capable of becoming. And allowing your daughter to dress like that forfeits your right to bitch about the fact that guys—young and old—will ogle her; or that society objectifies women; or that “there are child molesters in the world, and possibly in my neighborhood and what’s a poor mother to do?” Because you’re also not helping those with a propensity towards abuse—abuse of images all the way to abuse of others.

You’re . . . not . . . helping!

. . . but for all of our sakes, put some clothes on that child!

2 thoughts on “The Immoral High Ground”

  1. Good Words Bromigo…..I in particular take umbrage at the proliferation of clothing that decides to make a billboard of girls backsides. Its not only not helping, even a ” Whats that say ? ” thought makes someone whose not struggling in that area take a gander.

    Moms. Do not do this to your little girls. They are not being served and raised safely and healthy by this. They are not your barbie dolls nor are they your BFF’s . They are your kids needing direction and guidance until they are old enough, mature enough and well developed enough mentally, emotionally and spiritually to make good decisions of their own.

    Dads. Be comfy cutting those clothes up and burning them in the front or back yard one the cries that you are heartless and uncool. So what. Thats a Dads role at times.
    Girls? Understand your parents are trying to help you grow up safe and well adjusted to a long healthy life and are not being ignorant, close minded and joy-kills.
    And stores that sell these clothes? Don’t you have kids of your own? Think it through.

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