Welcome to Spiritual Drift

Who am I?

That’s a good question.

I can tell you who I was.

In fact, you can peruse through 400+ blog posts here and get a pretty good idea.

But, who I am? Who I’m becoming?
I have no idea.

I can tell you my name is Kent, and I’ve been blogging for about six or so years now. I’ve written, co-written, or ghost-written a dozen books and counting, many of them linked on the side panel to your left. Yet in all that time, even over fifty+ years of living, twenty-seven years of marriage and two kids, I still wrestle with who I am, where am I going, why am I here, and what is the meaning of life?
One of the few things I do know is that I can’t be the only one.

If you spend any time here, you’ll find that I’m a terribly inconsistent writer. I’m a procrastinator of the worst degree (“Oh, look! Friends is on Netflix! All ten seasons!” Commence sucking sound as hours and days suddenly disappear, eyes glued to the tube and brain atrophying).

I try to be a good servant, a good father, a good husband, a good employee, but life is hard sometimes, and s*#t happens. You’ll read some of those moments, too. Then again, life can be good as well, and these often turn out to be the times I drift the furthest away from writing. Maybe that says something in itself about who I am, why I write, and the angels and demons at war inside me. Inside us all.

I run this little blog called Spiritual Drift, and the longer I do the more apt I feel the name is. My spiritual life, my faith journey, has been a drift: Not adrift, as in an aimless, pointless wandering, but a drift, like a leaf on the wind, like the clouds in the sky. I like those images. I am who I am—I am who I’m becoming—with the help of ר֫וּחַ, of ruach, of Wind, Breath, and Spirit.

I may not always (or rarely) know where I’m going, but the One who controls the wind knows—that and so much more. So I trust in the One who has the wind, who IS the wind.


Once inside Spiritual Drift you may read a few things you don’t agree with. Heck, I’ve read some things in here I no longer agree with. There are things I’ve written in the past that I wonder what the hell I was thinking. There are a few shining moments and a few warts-and-all confessions. I leave them all on display because they are a part of my past, they’re a part of my growth. Ultimately, they’re a big part of the answer to “Who am I?”: a few signposts on the road of life; markers that meant something at the time but now lie dim and fading in the rear view mirror.

Who knows where we’ll all be six months from now, or a year, or seven. Wherever we are, it’ll probably look nothing like right here, right now. And that’s a good thing. No, that’s a great thing.

Let it come. Let the ruach carry you. And thank you for drifting by my place.

~ Kent


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The spiritual life and random musings of a part-time novelist and Spiritual Drifter…"the trouble is not with the law, for the law is spiritual and good. The trouble is with me, for I am all too human…"